As you know, every month I pick a theme to be an inspiration for a new illustration. The themes are usually subjects I would like to explore symbolically, and that have a connection to self-awareness and/or esoteric + spiritual teachings. I try to harmonize the themes to an issue I feel it is important for the collective at that moment. Sometimes it can become a little overwhelming since we are living in a world where so much is needed… And this week while thinking about a good theme for the months of February/March I decided to give synchronicity a try and pick a card from my tarot deck.

I was graced by the Prince of Swords, a master of creative thinking.

At first I thought the message was mostly for myself. As a Gemini with Mercury in the same sign, I am the typical “airhead” – in the sense I am always all over the place with my thousands of thoughts and ideas, so detached from the “here and now” that I constantly have difficulties dealing with material circumstances and linear time. The Prince doesn’t want guidance, he is a free rebel. He is ready to cut the ties with those little figures that insist in pulling his chariot with a firm move of his sword – the intellect.

That takes me to more reflections about our state of affairs, as a collective. We’ve been living completely immersed in information thanks to the new media, and that can transport us to a bubble where we only allow the things that serve to our particular vision of the world. Which at its turn is built upon a lot of conditioning and preconceived ideas. Out of the bubble, nothing matters, nothing is true, is all “fake news”.

I am constantly worried about the lack of true interaction in the new world. We make of social media an extension of ourselves, but communication has become more challenging. The ones with different ideas are “the enemy”.  And when we lose the opportunity to see with the eyes of the ones who have experienced what we have not, the chances of expanding our knowledge spectrum are minimal.

The preconceived notions are not only related to other people – they can be applied to ourselves as well. How many messages have we received throughout our lives that have stopped us from being who we are? How attached to the past we still are, at the point of never allowing us to completely heal from old wounds – and never growing wings?

So my proposal this season is to cut the ropes that make us tied to preconceived notions. About ourselves and about other people. Living under such circumstances is so castrating, it limits our possibilities of growth as humans and our creativity (individual power manifested) stagnates.

What ropes do you need to cut in order to allow your chariot to go where you want to?


Wings is all about freeing the mind and spirit of old patterns and creating your own reality. Stay tuned for this next illustration project!


PS.: I love this new system of picking the theme of the month!

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