Time for renewal

With the end of the year right around the corner, it is inevitable not to think about where all that time went. Even for me, a person of perception and abstraction, and not the type that puts too much thought in the way we structure our matters in the tridimensional realm, the end of the year is a time for a bit of reflection. And, why not, a bit of loose planning – because some things are better started after the Holidays anyway…

We put a lot of thought on new beginnings in the material world. We make oh-so-many-plans. Joining a gym. Buying a new car. Visiting Paris. These are all good and legitimate decisions. But, what about the new beginnings that should happen on the inside? The things that are independent of a time structure and can be started in the NOW?

I have a key question dancing in my mind all the time. What am I doing with the time that was given to me? Because, you know, in the end, the things we build on the inside are the ones that will matter. And, if I have a fear in this world, is of coming to the end of the journey and having left absolutely nothing that will make good memories or opened up pathways to goodness in other people.

Back to the list of atemporal plans… Cultivating more faith in yourself. Thinking more about the needs of others. Making things. Forgiving yourself. Forgiving someone. Becoming aware of who we are and our place in the world. Embracing the habits of thinking nice things of others.  I bet we all have a long list of these, some small, some a little more “labor intensive”. Things that do not require money or material efforts, but courage and honesty – sometimes a lot. Things that won’t buy you a new car, but that can start a new – and more satisfying – way of living.

Thinking about all these things, about the “now” and the strength to start recreating ourselves gave me the idea for a work I am temporarily calling “Renewal”. I wanted to create a piece that would symbolize my wishes for the cycle we get accustomed to call “New Year”. Considering that “new years” can start at any moment, because the soul has no frontiers of time.

It has also a personal meaning in the creative front. After the release of Compassion I spent several weeks totally out of inspiration for new illustration works. I felt like a had lost my way – something I would never, ever, think it could happen to me. Somehow I am again starting to come back on track, slowly. And it feels liberating.

It’s on the way, and it will be out in the world soon, with limited prints available and my sincere wishes that you too, begin to think about ways to renew yourself… Every moment of every year.

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